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PoasterBoard has Alliance Marketing (AM) built into every tool we develop and every action you take on our platform. It’s a hybrid derived from various marketing disciplines -- Shopper, Advocacy, Word-of-Mouth, etc. Based on our founders’ deep experience of the professional marketing world, AM is a powerful, groundswell approach to e-commerce. But it’s also a philosophy that puts PoasterBoard in service to a higher ideal:

Easier E-com with the Marketing Baked In!

About “Alliance”

There is marketing expertise in the DNA of PoasterBoard, but not so we can upsell you. We don’t sell (or share) your data. We take no commission from your sales. And we don’t rent space on our platform to advertisers. Further, we are beholden to no shareholders.

As PoasterBoard’s founders watched the commercial corridors in their own neighborhoods struggle to survive, they developed a deep empathy for the owners of these small businesses -- real people, real friends and real boosters of their communities. So PoasterBoard became a self-funded journey toward some kind of solution for small business -- by two middle-class dudes with a few skills, brass balls and too little sense to fear failure.

No one at PoasterBoard is in this for a quick buck. Our sole source of revenue is the low monthly subscription fee paid by StoreFront owners. And, in essence, PoasterBoard is just a small indie business trying to make e-commerce more effective for other small indie businesses.

But “alliance” only succeeds when we all have skin in the game. For example, even as you promote your own PoasterBoard StoreFronts, Poastables are designed to simultaneously promote our entire ecosystem. In other words, we need a commitment from each of you to help build awareness of this platform. As the late, great U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone once famously stated: we all do better when we all do better.

About “Marketing”

AM derives above all from a Business School fundamental. The legendary “80/20 Rule” is employed by the world’s most successful retailers and manufacturers. It states that your best customers (the top 20%) should represent 80% of your revenue. If they don’t, you’re leaving easy money on the table -- at a time when Small Business cannot afford to miss a beat.

Our Super Power

Alliance Marketing focusses 80% of your marketing energy on your best customers. If that seems strange, think of it this way:

It’s easier and less expensive to convince a current customer to spend more or buy from you more often than it is to convince a non-customer to buy anything from you at all.

We are about selling what you sell in ways that are simple, fast and fun. From our Poaster tool (your social marketing megaphone) to PoasterBoard’s “Spread the Word” buttons, we prioritize reaching Your Best Customers.

Your Best CustomersBaked Into PoasterBoard


If you’re a brick & mortar indie who also sells online, hound your locals! These are the folks who know about you, live in your neighborhood, and have a vested interest in your success.

Location Filtering

Every PoasterBoard shopper enters a zip code. This ensures your StoreFront gets priority exposure to every local customer who visits PoasterBoard.com.


The people who engage with you on Social Media are prime prospects. Anyone who bothers to Like or comment on your business is more open to hearing your pitch and buying what you sell.


This tool quickly creates and shares FREE clickable ads that link directly to your StoreFront. Simply use our latest Poastables or build your own customized promotions. You can even share your StoreFront offers directly to Social - with an active Spread the Word button for grassroots virality


Anyone and everyone who buys from you is potentially a new best customer. Don’t miss any opportunity to follow up with tailored offers and deals for every one of them.

My List Builder

PoasterBoard automatically captures and organizes contact information from every shopper on your StoreFront. Quickly, with the click of a button, you can email them with upsell offers, promotions and product news.

We Welcome Comparison!

For the small indie business, Amazon is notoriously expensive and complicated. Amazon is in the business of selling Amazon. Lowest price wins - and there’s little reward for your quality, attention-to-detail and real world pricing.


Shopify, too, can be overwhelming - particularly for small businesses that also operate a brick and mortar store. Yes, Shopify will help you build an online presence, but the DIY is extensive. The learning curve is steep. And you may get a web address, but how will shoppers find it?


By limiting your StoreFront to under a dozen offers at any one time, we are built especially for small. We make what you sell as accessible (to Shoppers) as possible. More importantly, we maximize the impact of your offerings with a baked-in suite of marketing strategies. Why just wait for shoppers to find you when PoasterBoard helps bring the game to them!

Please Help Us Change the World

We did not build PoasterBoard for everybody. But if you’re a scrappy entrepreneur who wants to add e-commerce to your home-based business or to supplement your brick and mortar with a bit of click and order, PoasterBoard is the finely-tuned selling machine you’re looking for. We’re trying to change the world for Small Business. And, to do that, we need allies.