Easier E-com
with the
Baked In!

Why be another sleepy e-commerce destination when PoasterBoard is your all-in-one selling and marketing platform. We’re constantly putting our marketing expertise (the stuff most small biz entrepreneurs never went to school for) into PoasterBoard’s growing toolset.

Easier E-com with the Marketing Baked In!

We take zero commission from your sales, and we never share your data. Best of all, PoasterBoard is built for small - which makes our platform both affordable and easier to use than Shopify.

$999per month flat

After your FREE two week trial, your $9.99/mo individual membership provides you with your PoasterBoard StoreFront and all of our robust functionality:

  • Sell online instantly (with Poastify the easiest e-commerce tool ever)

    Poastify: the Easiest E-commerce Tool Around

    • Poast up to 10 BUY NOW offers at once (merchandise, services, or packaged deals)
    • Quantity count downs & easy inventory monitoring
    • Optional Size field
    • Optional Sales Tax calculation
    • List offers with your choice of Free Delivery Store Pickup or Call for Shipping
    • Digital vouchering confirms purchases
  • Get your own StoreFront web address AND be part of a newborn marketplace
  • Market your StoreFront easily (with Poaster, our built-in social “megaphone”)
  • Launch and publicize instant promotions to your best customers
  • Quickly create and redeem single-use, digital coupons/vouchers
  • Expedite prepay and streamline DIY delivery
No obligation.No credit card required to start.

PoasterBoard gives shoppers exclusive access to special offers from independent shops, restaurants and service providers across the country and across the street.

  • Get local deals and limited offers designed just for you
  • You’ll help your favorite businesses thrive, because PoasterBoard never takes a cut of their sales
  • Redeem your selected offers easily using just your smart-phone