America’s “Main Streets” face serious issues:

  1. Amazon's unrelenting march toward monopoly
  2. Extortive gouging by “marketing” platforms like Groupon or Yelp
  3. The unfair market advantages of Big Box retail & national chains
  4. For restaurants, costly home delivery contracts

Yet those realities are exactly why we built PoasterBoard. It’s the instant LOCAL-TO-LOCAL selling tool designed exclusively for indie business districts like yours. (Watch our quick EXPLAINER VIDEO)

You need a PoasterBoard if you are

  • A Business District Administrator
  • Director of a small Chamber of Commerce
  • Interested in launching your own “Main Street” alliance

Launch your PoasterBoard today.No obligation. No credit card required to start.
Let’s stick it to The Man.
The mission of PoasterBoard is the most important: Shop Local and get people into stores.

The Local Problem

For big city neighborhoods, suburban villages and rural main streets, it seems like software is eating the world. Traditional retail, services, taxis and lodging are being disrupted into nostalgia.

Be More than a Message

Well-meaning stickers and slogans offer great messaging. But with PoasterBoard, “Shop Local” suddenly has an ON button! In other words, with PoasterBoard.com, you can put a 1-click Local-to-Local Marketplace in everyone’s pocket — and use software to bite back!


Permanent StoreFronts on a local PoasterBoard are 100% FREE to your members!

And PoasterBoard NEVER TAKES COMMISSION from Poasted offers.

The Simple Tools You Need

PoasterBoard.com is a digital directory and geo-fenced marketplace (each with a radius of 3 miles) designed to build community through commerce for neighborhoods — and neighbors — like yours.

  1. Easy Member-Generated Listings
  2. Smart Phone Couponing
  3. Exclusive Poaster tool (our built-in social media “megaphone”)
  4. Local Chatter, a members-only chat forum
No obligationNo credit card required to start.


In light of COVID-19, PoasterBoard will provide a local PoasterBoard to any neighborhood business alliance who requests one FREE OF CHARGE through November 1, 2020. And remember, PoasterBoard is ALWAYS free to your members.

Further, we have implemented brand new features to facilitate ordering by phone and DIY delivery for local businesses.