Let’s stick it to “The Man.”

All “Main Streets” are facing the same problem. The 1-click, delivered-to-your-door convenience of Amazon. But PoasterBoard.com is the instant LOCAL-to-LOCAL marketplace built exclusively for Indie Business districts. Watch our quick EXPLAINER VIDEO

You need a PoasterBoard if you are

  • A Business District Administrator
  • Director of a small Chamber of Commerce
  • Interested in launching your own “Main Street” alliance

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Let’s stick it to The Man.
The mission of PoasterBoard is the most important: Shop Local and get people into stores.

The Local Problem

In big city neighborhoods, suburban villages and rural main streets, small businesses are under siege. First it was Big Box and national chains. Now it’s the ever-present refrain of global e-commerce: “everything for everybody - plus free delivery.”

In other words, Amazon. Amazon. AMAZON!

Software Is Eating the World

Taxis, hotels, professional services and retail are being disrupted into nostalgia by e-commerce. Well-meaning Go Local campaigns, with their stickers and slogans, offer great messaging. But PoasterBoard.com is different.

Be More than a Message

PoasterBoard.com literally puts a 1-click Local-to-Local Marketplace in everyone’s pocket. In other words, PoasterBoard.com uses software to bite back!


“We all do better when we all do better.”

-Senator Paul Wellstone

“Even now, more startups succeed on Main Streets than in Silicon Valley.”

-Chris Shaw, PoasterBoard CEO

The Tools You Need

PoasterBoard.com is a digital directory and geo-fenced marketplace with exclusive offers that drive LOCALS-TO-LOCAL.

Easy Member-Generated Listings
Smart Phone Couponing
Integrated Memes & Messaging App
Optimized for Social Sharing

No obligation.

No credit card required to start.