Why is marketing to Locals - who may already know about my business - more important than marketing to new customers?

The Pareto Principle (or 80/20 Rule) represents a strategy used by successful businesses of every size. What it boils down to is that the top 20 percent of your shoppers (your Best Repeat Customers) should represent 80% of your overall revenue. And if they don’t, you’re not marketing to them effectively.

Mere proximity means that people who live in your neighborhood make up the bulk of your Best Repeat Customers. In other words, it’s more productive – and less expensive – to make a current customer buy more frequently or in greater volume than it is to convince a non-local, non-customer to buy anything from you at all.

What makes a “deal” on PoasterBoard so much better for my business than something like Groupon?

When coupled with the steep fees charged by gougers like Groupon, your already discounted offers often result in zero profit. And the mostly non-local bargain hunters lured by these platforms rarely return for your full priced offerings.

PoasterBoard.com is a geo-fenced platform. With it, you create simple deals that you control. On PoasterBoard, these deals are exclusively targeted to your most valuable local customers (see FAQ #1).

Best of all, individual businesses pay nothing for a permanent PoasterBoard StoreFront with Today's Offer And PoasterBoard deducts no commission from your Poasted offers.

You keep 100% of every sale you make using PoasterBoard.com.

What is the Poaster tool all about?

PoasterBoard comes with a powerful marketing tool (what we call our “built-in megaphone”). It permits PoasterBoard Owners to design “Sharables.” These are marketing memes and promotional announcements to drive viral awareness via members' social networks. Poaster is a turn-key marketing factory that makes promoting your neighborhood’s businesses fun and fast.

What are Sharables?

Sharables are a repository of marketing opportunities - from provocative Shop Local messages to templated local promotion ideas and neighborhood events.

Created by your alliance leader or your team at PoasterBoard, this content exists so you can broadcast it regularly (and religiously)..

Every time you repost a Sharable to your own social networks, you’re adding to a powerful, cumulative effect. Not only does this activity build awareness of your PoasterBoard, it allows shoppers who click the Go to PoasterBoard button to browse every offer created by your local business community, including your own.

As a business member, can I REALLY use PoasterBoard for free?

As a member of your local indie business alliance, you pay nothing for your permanent PoasterBoard StoreFront.

And PoasterBoard take no commission (zero, nada, zip) from your Poasted offers. That means you keep 100% of every sale you make using PoasterBoard.

Instead, we’re supported by a fixed [low] monthly fee that’s paid by your subscribing local alliance.

Yeah, but that means you make money by selling my data, right?

NO. PoasterBoard never sells your data. Not ever.

How do local shoppers redeem a Today's Offer coupon?

At the time of purchase, local customers use their smart phones to display a single use, digital coupon they’ve downloaded from PoasterBoard.com. On premise, any authorized employee simply clicks REDEEM on the smart phone screen. Printed versions of these digital coupons are not permitted and each offer may only be downloaded once by the same shopper. However, you may refresh your Today's Offer at any time (based on current business priorities or a new promotion), which wipes the slate clean and keeps local customers coming back for more.