Watch How PoasterBoard Works In Just a Few Steps! provides the one-click convenience of a digital Local-to-Local
marketplace – to drive foot traffic and grow revenue in your small business community.

PoasterBoard Demo

How a local PoasterBoard Owner easily invites business members to join the alliance

How a local Business Member creates their own StoreFront and updates (as often as they wish to) their Today's Offer

How local Business Members use Sharables to regularly promote their PoasterBoard alliance with just 1 click

How a local PoasterBoard Owner uses the Poaster tool to create Sharables that drive traffic to their community PoasterBoard

How local Shoppers easily redeem a Today's Offer coupon using just their smart phone


In light of COVID-19, PoasterBoard has new features to facilitate ordering by phone and DIY delivery for local businesses (regardless of their category).

Further, we will provide a local PoasterBoard to any member-neighborhood of National Main Street Center who requests one FREE OF CHARGE through November 1, 2020. And PoasterBoard is ALWAYS free to your members.